Left shoulder pain explained

Left shoulder pain is the sort of pain that can definitely affect working ability. A person suffering from severe left shoulder pain gets semi-disabled from functioning normally. As a matter of fact, most people affected by this type of pain find it really hard to do even the easiest simply daily activities like driving or even taking a bath. A variety of causes exist which triggers left should pain.

An underlying heart problem might be one of the cause of left shoulder pain. Heart issues and conditions, for instance, crushing feeling of heart or angina may be felt as a pain that is emerging to the left shoulder and moving further down to the left arm. Additionally, the  most minor heart attack can also be felt as a mild rising pain and becomes the cause of left shoulder pain.

Improper body positions and body mechanics can also be the reason of left shoulder pain. A very painful sensation can evolve if the left body area especially the shoulder is used in excessive activities like flexing, stretching or rotating on frequent basis.  To avoid left shoulder pain, try reducing these acts, or at least make use of both right and left shoulders to do the job. Pay attention to the body posture while taking rest or doing a task for long time at work.

left Shoulder Pain

Left Shoulder Pain

Use of slings can assist in overcoming left shoulder pain. Aids of these type give stability to the left shoulder area by helping it to rest for a specific time period. Maintaining a normal body position helps in reducing left shoulder pain too. During sleep, try to be in a neutral position with body lying straight on the back and arms straight on the sides. Avoid sleeping on the left side because it will put pressure on the vessels and nerves. For proper blood circulation, its a good idea to try lifting the left arm after specific intervals to help the blood return to the heart and stop accumulating in the left arm. Furthermore, there are numerous type of therapies that might help reducing left shoulder pain. Similarly, acupressure and acupuncture may also reduce pain by doing focused treatment on the affected shoulder area.

A through left shoulder pain diagnosis must be done to assist in identifying the cause and degree of left shoulder pain. A previous reports and history of shoulder pain help the doctor in diagnosing the problem more effectively. Additionally, x- rays report of the left shoulder might be of help to locate possible fractures, alignment, visualize bone damage or any other bone abnormalities.

In case of an ongoing left shoulder pain, always consult a doctor immediately. Pain in the left shoulder may also be an indication of heart problem, so it might be a pain from an ongoing heart attack. In this case, consulting a cardiologist is the best option. It is imperative to initially go through regular heart check-up and other heart related lab tests done. This will make sure that the person is all cleared from lift threatening heart issues. If not heart problem is discovered, then patient should proceed to regular left shoulder pain treatment and remedies.

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